The Orient and Occident in the work of Cornelia Krafft
02 December 2015
At the University of Arts London, Cornelia Krafft will discuss her current practice, sited at the crossroads between East and West, and how it engages movement and materials to create situation and meaning. Her presentation will be followed by a physical workshop about the eloquence of objects in relation with the body’s journey in its performance skin.

Performing within the voids of Beirut
13 January 2015
At the Scenography Department of the Institute of Performing Arts, University of Arts Berlin, D

Performing within the voids of Beirut
10 May 2013
Guest lecturer ARTHEUM art book fair Beirut

Performing within the voids of Beirut
19 April 2013
Workshop and Guest lecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, A

Talk 20
05 April 2013
Speaker at the 7th edition at AUB

Performing in Beirut
20 January 2013
Guest lecturer at the Norwegian Theater Academy, NO

Performers and Designers Beirut
19 September 2012
Keyspeaker with Dr.Mona Knio, DI Bernard Mallat, Camille Brunelle & Charbel Samuel Aoun, Eyad Houssami
Round table at Al Madina Theater during MISHKAL - Youth Festival of the Arts