Tableaux Vivants - Lebende Gemälde
04 September 2023
Premiere 4.9.2023, 23:15 on channel ORF 2
TV Documentary, Producer: RAUMFILM Vienna,A
in cooperation with ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Cooperation)

Das Netz - Prometeus
21 June 2021
art direction of fiction series between 21.6.202- 13.8.2021
Production: MR FILM
Director: Andreas Prochaska, Daniel Prochaska
Camera: Matthias Pötsch
Script: Martin Ambrosch

Raumfilm Filmproduktion
01 July 2020
freelance costume-, set design and production coordination for documentary films by raumfilm film productions - Vienna ,Austria

- TV documentay:reenactments set / costume design (2020)
Maria Theresias Vampirjäger - Habsburgs Kampf gegen den Aberglauben

-- TV documentay: reenactments set / costume design (2021)
Die Rothschilds - Die Macht der Banker

blind Spot - Beirut/Tripoli
09 September 2019
In the frame of the Blind Spot Artistic Research Project of the Norwegian Theatre Academy aspects of urbanism, architecture and societal loopholes and voids will be looked at by means of interventions.This cooperation between Cornelia Krafft, AUB and Karen Kipphoff, NTA unfolds on site in Beirut and Tripoli´s International Fair Ground built by Oscar Niemeyer

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair
25 April 2018
Exhibition design for the ADIBF 2018
by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi UAE
"SEA OF TALES" creative space (800m2)
opening 25.4.2018- 1.5.2018,
project coordinator: Rania Zaghir

Radical -Choix et Consequences
25 August 2017
Installation - The Spine
for the group exhibition of
Haven for Artists in collaboration with the Institut français du Liban is organising & hosting Radical: 25th of August till the 25th of September¬if_t=event_description_mention¬if_id=1502799651941419

Athena and the Crow
10 July 2017
This video installation developed during the artist residency in 2016 is now a permanent solo exhibition in the Archeological Museum at Scolacium , Borgia Italy

Orpheo - a breath of light
05 May 2017
O__rphe___O a breath of light
05 May 2017
Staged by Cornelia Krafft
Performed by Yara Boustany, Ahlam Dirani, Kamal Helou
May 5 to 7 2017

Géographia - The Synapse
18 October 2016
Directed by Nagy Souraty
on the occasion of the 20 years anniversary
of Al Madina Theater Beirut

Artist in Residency
12 July 2016
From July 12 until August 12, C.K. is working as Artist in Residence at the Arts Festival in the heart of the ancient history Parco Scolacium in Borgia, Calabria, Italy

7 rooms 7 artists
31 May 2016
From May 31st until June 30 with continuous performance program: a collective Art Exhibition@ ART HOUSE BEIRUT

15 July 2015
Program for returning German Academics from abroad
October 2015- March 2016
by the German Academic Exchange Service in collaboration with the University of Arts Berlin

18 June 2015
"MUTE MOVEMENTS - a performance art journey through Beirut 2009-2014" will be launched and on display at publication award exhibition in Clam-Gallas Palace & sold at the PRAGUE QUADRENNIAL June18-28:

PQ2015 Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space
18 June 2015
Prague Quadrennial 2015, June 18-28
selected artist for Lebanese Participation
- Design/Group Presentation of National Section Lebanon at Exhibition of Countries and Regions,St.Anne´s Church
- Interactive Performance: "Send down the Basket" at Lesser Town Bridge Tower (daily at 2pm)
- workshop leader: Space lab "Performance skins and Fiber Spaces" 22.-23.6.

Book Launch
26 March 2015
MUTE MOVEMENTS, a collective performance art journey through Beirut 2009-2014

AT AUB, WEST HALL,Foyer 2nd floor, 5-8pm
by Cornelia Krafft / Artist, Choreographer
Designed by Christian Moussa
* Generously sponsored and hosted by the AUB President's Club.
* Published by AUB Press

* In commemoration of the American University of Beirut´s 150th Anniversary Celebration in 2016

The first book of its kind in Lebanon, Mute Movements documents the emergence of a Performance Art scene in Lebanon under the direction of Cornelia Krafft, artist, choreographer, and former assistant professor at the American University of Beirut. The book illustrates the collective work of students and artists (aged 19 to 25) exploring their everyday challenges and concerns through the medium of performance.
The book's minimalist aesthetic and design enfold a wealth of artistic images, an extraordinary record of the evolution of Performance Art in Lebanon across five fertile years of artistic endeavour. Across the pages of the book, each performance unfolds in documentary-like fashion, revealing the extent to which contemporary education in the fields of performance, set design, and visual arts can engage and inspire its audiences. While the focus is on Lebanon and its youth, the bigger picture is a work in progress with relevance extending far beyond the borders of one small country, making Mute Movements a valuable and highly enjoyable reference work of international importance.
AVAILABLE at AUB Press and Librairie Antoine /online

Tableaux Vivants- Lebende Gemälde

PREMIERE: TV Documentary,44 min.;Sept 2023
Genre: culture;Producer: RAUMfilm Vienna,A
in cooperation with ORF(Austrian Broadcasting Cooperation)