AFTER 100 SPRINGS      View Trailer -- View Film -- 15 pictures -- Beirut, LB -- February 2014

A collective performance at Al Madina Theater Beirut.
The original 1913 ballet "The Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky and Vaslav Nijinsky was a model for total commitment towards the final and collective goal of sacrifice in order "to make the sun return!" When I conceptualized our performance, I had been working in Lebanon for more than four years, in a period marked by the Arab Spring: wild flames spreading, "volcanoes" erupting, and primitive shelters for refugees growing.

The staging of "After 100 Springs" in 2014, in collaboration with the youth of Beirut, was an attempt to explore the situation, while searching for the spirit of hope. In our performance, the symbols of the four elements (fire, water, earth, and air), the characterization of three generations, and the circular forms were used to portray unity as it is achieved through the responsibility of sharing.

My hope is that the transformation of fire into a common light amongst us will allow our collective consciousness to break away from individual concerns, and to work towards erasing the failed system. The goal is peace beyond the concept of human sacrifice.