CORNUA IN THE SEA / PART II      10 pictures -- Batroun, LB -- February 2011

(*cornua, horns)

This performance composition draws its inspiration from the original myth of the Phoenician princess Europa, sister of Phoenix, who was abducted to Crete from Lebanon´s shores by Zeus, who, in the shape of a bull, took her through the open sea.
Today´s Tyre, Beirut and Batroun become the stage for a performance and installation journey about the choice between the polarities of faithfulness and departure. The drama attempts to express the mystical side of the peoples of this region through nonverbal imagery of containment and openness that reinterpret choice as both freeing and defining our persona.
Revisiting the timeless dynamics between orient and occident the performers put themselves into the position of “Europa” weaving cultural patterns through mutation by exploring in this journey the unfolding of our common humanity. This approach refers to Gaston Bachelard´s idea of cultural evolution as the reinterpretation of myths.
Elements like fire, horns and loofah become poetic symbols used to translate the pull of the sea and the earth. A loofah-dress serves as texture for the inner psychological and mental structure as “externalized skin”, being able to absorb the shores and given surroundings throughout the journey.
The sea being seen as a constant temptation towards the unknown depths
and the earth as the root for our being.