777      View Film -- 13 pictures -- Beirut, LB -- May 2010

A collective performance, in the Dome downtown.

The Seven Deadly Sins – Pride, Envy, Greed, Wrath, Gluttony, Lust, and Sloth – were transformed into 7-minute visual dreams. 777 was a 49-minute journey with 28 amateur performers aged 19 to 25. Our performance, as collectively conceptualized, questioned with mute movements, in an emersion of sound and light, both their religious context and the viewer’s own "sins".
777 was a one-time performance art event held in the former DOME - City Center – a cinema in the 1960s and later a sniper hideout and mass graveyard during the civil war, particularly due to its location on Beirut’s Green Line. Since then, it has been left as an unrenovated and largely neglected site, molded by shelling, in the middle of Downtown Beirut.
This production was dedicated to former student and dear friend, Farah Bahmad, an unforgettable guiding, supporting, and loving power who embraced us all. May his soul rest in peace.