UNDO_LATIONS      10 pictures -- PQ 2015, Prague,CZ -- June 2015

The National Section of Lebanon is an engaging exhibition landscape. It features a grid of 24 colanders that carry photographs of theater and performance design works done by professionals in Lebanon. The images are covered with salt, a vital preservative mineral that gives root to the section. Incense, another organic material, burns in a strainer, elevating the whole pavilion in communion with the site of Prague Crossroads - Saint Anne's Church. The interaction of the visitor within the responsive landscape alters the layers of salt, creating oriental patterns of salt, stamped on circular black velvet.

Themes: Politics & Weather
Curator: Hadi E. Damien
Exhibition Designer: Cornelia Krafft
Venue: Prague Crossroads - Saint Anne's Church
Opening Hours: Thursday 18 to Sunday 28 June 2015,

The National Section of Lebanon features works by Ali Chahrour, Bernard Mallat, Camille Brunel, Charbel Samuel Aoun, Cornelia Krafft, Danielle Labaki, Hussein Baydoun, Hussein Nakhal, Lina Abyad, Nada Kano, Nagy Souraty, Nasser Soumi, Omar Rajeh & Sawsan Bou Khaled