COME HOME AND EAT THE MOON WITH ME / PART III      8 pictures -- Beirut -- May 2016

In all wars humans have been forgotten or left behind with almost only the air to fill their stomach or the reflection of their hope on the moon. Be my guest for a symbolic meal into the ´oven´ of a family, long departed - to reignite nourishing warmth.

Who of us still knows how to bake a loaf of bread when alone ?

My work in the kitchen of this magnificent Beirut mansion that is left to decay is an ode to the beauty of our shared communality, care and belief in the value of a tradition that is threatened to fade away…
The speed of our commercialized world makes it impossible for us to sustain what embodies our memory and experience of loss. Such remnants of our history talk of the need for conscious return and connection with our heritage in its simplest form.