ORPHEO - A BREATH OF LIGHT      27 pictures -- Al Madina Theater -- May 2017

O__rphe__O a breath of light is a dance performance presenting a new interpretation of the ancient myth 'Orpheo and Euridice' . It centers on the essential necessity and difficulty of trust in overcoming darkness, obstacles and violence to bring back light and love to life.
L´Orfeo is originally an opera first composed by Claudio Monteverdi and performed in 1607. In this new mute movement and design adaption by Cornelia Krafft the music of the ancient Japanese Shakuhachi flute is performed by Kyle Kamal Helou. It symbolizes the “breath of light“. This instrument was given to defeated Samurai (komuso - hollow monks of nothingness) in monasteries in order to practice breathing and spread peace.The two dancers Yara Boustanyand Ahlam Dirani portray the journey of a divided being. Driven by the sound and energy of the flute one reaches the power to enter the Underworld to rescue the other. The only condition is that they not look at each other during the journey out of the darkness back to life. Only trust can make this journey successful.

This performance aims to unfold an overall understanding of the urgency to overcome the sense of self in communion with another.It presents a rebirth of an act of confidence in our humanity and an acceptance of the powerful presence of trust: an encouragement of light upon our being.

Staged at Al Madina Theater May 5,6,7 2017
Supported by: Haven for Artists, Dar al Mussawir - دار المصوّر, Amalgam, Al Madina Theatre / مسرح المدينة, Mansion, Librairie Antoine
Cast & Team
Performers of Hades: Ghaida Dirani and Cynthia Dib
Light Design/Operator and Haven for Artists support: Théa Khoury
Production Coordination, Sound & light support:
Naila Al Hares, Line Itanii
Stage crew: Luzan Munayer, Racha Doughman,Lea Ramadan,Marguerita Hayek
Photography: Ibrahim Dirani (Dar al Mussawir - دار المصوّر), Christian Moussa, C.K.
Video Documentation: Christian Ipsum Moussa, Amy Yuemeng Dang, Omar Sfeir