THE FATE OF ATHENA AND THE CROW      View Trailer -- 18 pictures -- Archeological Museum of Parco Scolacium, Borgia, Italy -- July 2017

Part I/II from the work series: The Fate of Athena and the Crow

“Athena and Cheronea - the crow“ is based on the ancient myths of the region and revisited in the historical setting of theArcheological Parco Scolacium.
This diverse cycle of work includes objects, drawings and costumes which are manufactured mostly out of the natural material from the ground collected during the one months Artist Residency at the Armonie d´Arte Festival in summer 2016. The choreography of a one day performance from sunrise till sunset that portrays Athena,Cheronea and myself as the personified pendulum of time became the short film
“ The Shield, the black Feathers and the Pendulum of Time“.
Closely connected to the rich nature and ruins´textures, light and sounds on site all parts are woven into a visual ensemble of the past and the present power of this myth.It is an ode to the archaic female strength paired with deep vulnerability and need for trust among each other. Thus the historical tale is kept further alive with new shapes and includes us as we move on in time.
All works are now part of the permanent collection of the Archeological Museum at Parco Scolacium , Borgia, Italy.
With the kind support of Armonie d´Arte Festival and Alphavideoproduzioni !