THE SPINE      4 pictures -- L´Institute Francais Beirut, LB -- August 2017

The Spine
This installation for the group exhibition "Radical" out of palm tree pieces is an ode to the connection of all gender. The material from the in the Middle East and beyond present tree: a common symbol for fertility and peace in all major religions is chosen to emphasize the over all human interrelation.

- extract from text by Dayna Ash , the curator :
„In an age that welcomes curiosity and conviction, Radical intends to question the personifications of common understanding or subjection and inspect the extremes that exist in identity, gender, self annihilation and urban realisation in a one month ongoing exhibition, screenings, performances and concerts. Extremes are a definitive part of Middle-East Culture and politics, which has led to common unwritten, yet abided law or understanding of the
singular within the whole. Where church and state have yet to host their speeches in different forums, artistsmust be able to examine that which has already been categorised by questioning the merit and validity of it’s understanding and furthermore seeking the core of its limitations…()“