KRAFFT CAPES      34 pictures -- Beirut -- October 2018

tailored to PERFORM YOURSELF - an ongoing project ...

Inspired by the knights cape of my family crest
I designed and created the Krafft Cape for women
of today. Customized and available in four different
lengths they can be worn in many ways.
Foldable to paper size it can be brought along everywhere.
Within seconds one looks not just elegant and beautiful
but also feels embraced,protected,positive and powerful
by the individually chosen materials and colors.
(Krafft*-German meaning: Power)

Krafft Capes are already being worn in Beirut,Vienna,
Munich,Frankfurt and Berlin.

If you wish to order your own please contact me!

Grateful to those friends who were part of the photo
shooting with their individual capes in their personally
chosen surrounding.(see slideshow)